Rune Knoff offers vocal lessons in Oslo.

Vocal-teacher Rune Knoff; I am a barytone singer and hold a Conservatory Diploma in the study of the teaching of singing. I have for the passed 30 years been offering private lessons in the art of singing, in my studio downtown Oslo, Norway. Since 2001 I have been working as a voice educator at the Oslo Metropolitan Univerity, in the Institute of Drama- and Theatercommunication. I teach the main technique of the italian bel-canto. The platform is based on the classical repertoire by italian, french, german, english, american, russian and scandinavian composers.  During the last years I have moved myself crossover to instruct voice for popular and rock music, as well as general technique for speech and formal presentation. I welcome everyone who wants to develop some of these skills. The work will identify your voice type, through your vocal characteristics. Through training in breath control and support, through proper tone production, pitch control and musical intonation, proper formation of vowels and consonants as well as clarity of words, attentiveness to musical notation and phrasing at the learning of songs; your vocal skills will develop safely.  The singers who take lessons at the present, are in the age between 11 and 75 years old! Normal lessons last for 60 minutes, and will give appropriate educative time for both technical and interpretive input. 

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